A New Adventure Awaits

I have worked in an office for 17 and a half years now and honestly I am just done with the telecommunications business world. It has sucked the life away from me for the last 15 years. Before the “merger” of GTE and Bell Atlantic which created what the U.S now knows as Verizon Communications, things were good, decent, wholesome and the people cared about phone service and customer service.

Since that so-called merger in December of 2001 the telecommunications world has been twisted, tortured and squeezed into a all new sort of dinosaur. Just when I thought things wouldn’t get any worse with Verizon, they sold off the states my office handles to another “rural” phone company and things changed all over again. Along this road I have been traveling I have attempted college a number of times only to be stopped because of one reason or another, not usually of my fault or things beyond my control unfolded.

I have been looking for jobs in my area and in the surrounding area pretty much since the second company change happened, perhaps even before. The problem has been I’m tenured. I have wage needs based on my length of time worked. I do have experience both in telecommunication and in the corporate office world.

I decided I needed to do something to get out of the rut. I applied for and was accepted to The Ohio State University in my town (a subsidiary college campus in my town). Initially my intention was to take Spanish but majoring in Spanish requires classes at the main campus in Columbus. I am not able to swing that but I am still able to take Spanish classes so I decided to major in English, Literature. I have always loved writing and those who know me grow tired of me correcting their English. I do not claim to be perfect but it’s my nature, to correct when I hear words butchered. though my sole purpose is to become a writer.

While I was planning for and setting up my classes, a friend at work announced she was leaving. She gave me the information to the company she has started for and got me an interview. The only snag is the drive is a solid 45 minutes from me current location. The work appears to be solid, very busy, and very interesting. I will not be bored or want for keeping busy. I am very confident I will do well in my second interview on Wednesday. If all goes well I could be out of my dead end telecommunications job. My classes will be in the evenings and the job will be busy, especially in the winter but I can do it. I need the change, the challenge and the stability. I have worked though much worse change at my current job and survived so I know I can make this work. I am excited for the new experiences, relationships and environment. I have made some lasting and strong relationships in my my 17 years at the telecommunications job but I feel it is a good time to leave, on my terms and before it is too late.

I walk into the first class at OSUM Tuesday August 25th, Classical Civilization in Greece.