Book Review – The Hunger Games – Mockingjay – Book #3

This book had me on the edge if my seat and I was obsessed with Peeta. I literally could not put the book down until I knew he was ok or not . My heart broke for Peeta in this book!! This is a roller coaster ride like you can’t imagine! This twists and turns of the story at times angered me but I wanted justice and the end. You definelty feel the high emotion for everyone in the book. I love a great book that you can relate to the characters and crave to know more about them. I feel like there is more to be told at the end though. That’s my only beef with this book. I wanted more after story and more wrap up. I wanted more details about them all, especially Peeta and Katniss.


Book Review – The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Book #2

So this one I expected somethings and other things not so much. After the first book I had learned to like Haymitch and the respect grew a little after learning some additional details of his life and the meaning what it how he does things. The loyalness he shows and Peeta and Katniss’ ever growing storyline. Though he manipulated things for both Peeta and Katniss he didn’t it for the greater good. By the middle of the book was on board 100% with team Peeta. Though I felt bad for Gale. Something in me still wanted him to win her. The characters just jump out of the pages in this book. There’s loss, love, hurt but hope. Then the ending twist that leaves you hanging to he next book. WTH?? Really? But it helps the story.

Book Review – The Hunger Games Book #1

I was very weary of this series. It was probably the name and the implications with fighting for your life and for food. It could have been the over hype and such. As usual though I’m late to the parade and I wish I had read it sooner. Maybe I will learn.

I think by the 3rd chapter I was hooked. The deep and immediate connection between Katniss and Gale was pure and innocent in the basic life they lived in District 12. I was team Gale until midway through the games. I could always see something dark growing in Gale but still was sorta rooting for him and I was torn between he and Peeta by the end of the book.

The deep meaning and similarities to somethings in our own government really sticks out for me for the book. I guess the determination by both Katniss and Peeta throughout the games to rise above and to save each other really win me over.

Then you have the personal tragedies in the game and how it shapes Katniss sort of speaks volumes to me. If more people could learn from mistakes like she did and strives to help even in a what seems to be hopeless situation.

So, if your on the fence about starting the books as I was you won’t regret the read!

Book Review: Outlander (Book #1) Diana Gabaldon

I will admit right off, I started reading this when I first found out about the Starz show. By the end of the first half of the show I was more than half way through the book, the actual paperback not a kindle version. This book is definetly a roller coaster ride. I love history and this has history, romance, suspense, time travel, sic-fi and some other things good, bad and odd. At the time I read this I had just found out I have some Scottish blood on my mothers side so the era struck a cord with me. The characters are wonderfully developed steeped in history and a good sense of accuracy all around. While some of the passages are very hard to read it is written well. You have to keep in mind the era was far different than that of the modern 2000’s. While some things never change, others changed drastically or were simply never written or talked about in public so it seems taboo or unheard of. The every day life and struggles of the long ago eras of the Highlanders are fascinating and you wish there was something you could do to step through time yourself and save all the blood shed and the loss of a culture. The book, as usual has differences (and thank goodness) from the Starz show. You will fall in love with the characters, settings and story pretty quickly. I feel this way too when I read American Indian stories of the post Civil War era in America. If this too sounds like you, I also recommend this book: How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe’s Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It

(read 9/15/14)

The Star Wars Empire – Why So Critical?

Admittedly, I’m a fangirl nerd of many proportions. I am not just a sci-fi nerd but I cross many different, eclectic choices. I love programming from Hallmark Channel, cop and medical dramas, comedy, period dramas, sci-fi and vampire programming.  

Though, I know it all started with Star Wars, and Star Trek as a young child. Growing up as the youngest of four kids, with two big brothers in the late 70’s, I suppose it was only natural I would love both series. If I were to choose sagas, it would be Star Wars. However, I have fond memories of after school watching Star Trek reruns with my oldest brother. Good times!  I also remember as a young kid being absolutely stoked about the book-mobile stopping at school. I could not wait to get my hands on books of all sorts. Sure, as a girl, I would buy the “Sweet Valley High” books, and Judy Blume books. But you know what? I was the girl who came home from school showing off my He-Man and Return of the Jedi books (with record!) . Not many girls my age back then had that range. I absolutely LOVED He-Man. I literally cried when our stations on TV changed and I could not watch it anymore. 

[I think I will write some posts on He-Man sometime soon. It’s time I feed my love of him]

 I am from the generation where you were utterly SHOCKED that Darth Vader, the evil Sith Lord, was Luke Skywalker’s father [gasp!]. We had the moment we realized that Luke had kissed his sister [omg!]. When someone asks about Episode I, my mind thinks, “Wait, is that A New Hope or do they mean The Phantom Menace?” The first generation Star Wars fans obviously think backwards since we watched the trilogy that way. Sure, we knew it was IV, V, VI [4,5,6) but to us they are the first episodes. 

As with any movie, TV show, book or comic, there are things you may not like or enjoy within it. That’s human nature. We all have our likes and dislikes. I call it preferences. Though, it is possible for our preferences to become prejudices. I don’t believe preferences have to be prejudices though. It depends on the person, topic and situations.

I began thinking about the critical nature of the Star Wars universe the other day on Star Wars Day [May the Fourth Be With You]. Along those lines is the crazy notion that every Star Wars fan hates episodes I and II, and along with that that we all dislike Jar Jar Binks. It is generally accepted in comedic shows (such as The Big Bang Theory and etc…) that this is the case. Listen, I’m here to tell you it’s not the truth. There are fanboys, fangirls, certain high profile media and celebrities out there who share this opinion. But that’s just it. It’s an opinion. The thoughts and opinions of the known fanboys/girls are not the the opinions of every fan. Those particular fans, in my opinion are overly critical of George’s vision. Did you read what I wrote there? George’s vision. He created it. Respect it. We aren’t meant to like every aspect of it. The movies and universe are there for us to enjoy. It’s called the entertainment industry for that reason. People over criticize the saga and think it should have been how they wanted it done. I’m sorry but did you dream up and create an entire universe? Is your name George Lucas? Star Wars was and is, his vision. He filmed them the way he was able to at the time and made the characters according to his tastes, his vision. Why do people goto extremes with this subject?

I admit, Jar Jar is odd. I can’t deny that. But, that’s the point right? He served his purpose with the story of Padmé and Senator Palpatine, thereby setting up the framework for the later plots. I don’t see any problem with a little silliness. There is silliness in everyday life so why not have it in the movies? Realistically, George Lucas needed to appeal to a younger generation as well. Jar Jar’s silliness grabbed the attention of the smaller kids. The Ewoks also served this purpose in Return of the Jedi. They were important to the story and appealed to the smaller kids. 

As much as I hate to admit it, [I totally hate to type this] even Jacob Black, in Twilight, served his purpose. No, I am NOT comparing a Vampire movie to Star Wars but rather the purpose of odd and annoying characters. Jacob is a a whiny, annoying and pushy character who doesn’t seem to want to realize he’s beaten. He does not give up his pointless chase of Bella Swan, despite her repeated rebuke of his feelings. He ultimately wears her down and [in my opinion] convinces her that she has romantic feelings for him. Jacob, ultimately saves their hides and changes the tide, making it possible for Bella to maintain a relationship with her father. Also, by being the overbearing pest that he is, he also enables her to save the life of her daughter. Purpose served (even if I hate to admit it).

Now, personally, had I been the author [Stephanie Meyer] I would not have made him [Jacob] such an annoying character and would have found a better way to resolve the issues he resolved. I am not the author though. I will never, ever understand the character of Jacob Black though. His character will always annoy me. Just like Jar Jar will always annoy some fanboys/girls. I admit, I get into debates with fellow Twilight friends about my dislike of him. Their defense of him always ends in, “Well, he loved her, so it absolves him of everything”.  No it doesn’t. It makes the character stupid and highly annoying. This is the same concept of what some fanboys/girls do to Star Wars with Jar Jar and other “issues” they have with episodes 1-3. Although, in the Twilight issue, I am in the minority by far and I am not a celebrity with this opinion either so it would never be to the magnitude of the Star Wars conflict. I don’t goto extremes of course. Overall, the character issues or prejudices are essentially the same at the core. I can overlook both bouts of stupidness because I like the overall story lines of each movie. I don’t go on websites and start fan pages dedicated to the hate of a character. Of course, it’s those people’s right to do so but what’s the point really? No matter what we think we can’t change the author’s ideas and words. I just deal with it. I guess some people just go overboard. (laughs) Well, that’s my thoughts on it. Whew, I feel better. Haha.