College Update

Well, I ended up dropping the Economy class. Monday’s class was the last straw. She came strolling in about 7:40 herself (class starts at 7:45) and then had the nerve to make a snide comment that there better be more students coming to this class to warrant her driving all the way from Columbus. Really? She’s getting paid to be a professor. She’s SUPPOSED to be TEACHING an economics class but instead she’s making snide comments, giving study guides for us to study yet putting the answers on the board using a totally different formula and stated oh well it will get the same result/answer. WHAT? You give us one formula to study but expect us to retain/remember it when you do it differently on the board? She won’t allow us to use any notes during tests. She literally stated everyone would fail if one person had notes out. She thinks we should memorize all the terms, formulas and process after 1 session. She assumes we all know “basic” math formulas, terms and other things. The last I knew, this was a freshman class for Economy not rocket science. I felt like everything I had comprehended with the tutor was thrown out the window once she starts “teaching”. She’s not consistent in teaching and has no curve. Even if you have part of the answer she gave you no points.
So, I dropped the class. I still pay for it of course but I won’t have my gpa drop when I would have eventually failed it (big time). I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me. I worked my tail off for that class and have nothing to show because of the poor “teaching”. I told my advisor but she did not seem surprised or willing to take it upwards.

Oh well. I’m free of the class and that infuriating woman.

My other class, Classic Greece Civilizations is great. However, I’m interested in that, and it has more to do with my major (English) than Econ. But, that professor is fun and has more knowledge on teaching than she or most. I spent a leisurely evening at home rather than being confused in that Econ class.


Good ThingsĀ 

I finished up my second week of classes as OSUM. I hope I did good or at leas passed the first quiz homework for Economics class. My midweek confusion was partly me over thinking. I am not good with numbers so I worry about passing the Econ class.

I received my good news about the job I have been interviewing for. I was offered the job as service coordinator, with a $2.14 per hour raise from my current per hour wage. I will pay more for insurance but the coverage is better, co pay cheaper, prescriptions both cheaper and better overall for the most part. It is the insurance I would have had had my current company not cheated us out of it. I will have a 45 minute drive to work but I will have the opportunity to work from home if the weather is bad this winter. I will have a friend and former co-worker for company. She’s the one who left work and got me in. 

My current supervisor has also applied for a job with this same company. He’s a great guy, smart and I would love to see him come with us to this new place. 

I am turning my two week notice in Friday, and will send out the e-mail to the team. Of course my closest friends already know. 

I am excited for my new adventure, glad for a challenge and a bit scared all rolled into one. I have a good support group surrounding me. 

Here’s to Friday.

First week of classes finished

I finished up my first week back in college at The Ohio State University (Marion Campus). The professor for my Greece Classics class is pretty “unique” but I like him. I remembered to take my MacBook today and I took notes on that (using Pages from Apple) rather than writing out everything. I bought myself a mini, portable mouse to use with it which was much better than the track pad I am used to. 

In class we spent some time going over topics we will discuss this semester and some other related (Greece wise) topics. He mentioned a website called which I found fascinating (I sound like Spock) because you can search for paintings and such. Anyway, he gave some examples and coherence references to the Greek and some origins such as The Milky Way and mythological aspects. There was also a search, by the professor, of He was talking about The movie Troy (Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and Bead Pitt). I enjoyed the Orlando. 

So, the first week is done and I am tired. I am going to read and work on my bills which need to be paid tomorrow. I still have not heard from the job I put in for and I am a bit discouraged. I guess I will survive either way.  


College begins, again

I returned to classes today. After parking I walked to Morrill Hall and started wandering around. I had time to spare before I went upstairs to my classroom. Eventually I walked up the stairs and found my room. 

There was another class finishing up when I arrived. The professor was hanging around with us too. He is not what I expected in my “mind’s eye”. According to the style he wrote the syllabus, I figured he was about 40-45, short hair, studious, yet smart. 

He could not have been any farther from that. He’s a large man, (tall and broad not heavy set) with a long beard. He’s friendly, a bit odd, but fun to be around. He does not believe in punishing students who can’t make a class. Everyone gets points regardless of attendance or  full participation. For example, if you only submit a quiz that is partially or even totally blank, you still get 40% of the grade. 

The class itself, Classical Greece Civilizations, is fascinating to me. I have always wanted to learn about Greece/Greek history. 

Each class we will write a little of something, feedback,comments or something related to our topic for the class discussion. We are awarded seven points for that. He reads the notes, responds with feedback and said it is a way to get to know us. I like that, it’s different. 

We will have a group project, something new he said. That should be interesting. I am not the oldest person in the class. There is a lady about moms age I the class as well. I did talk with a young lady, obviously younger than I but with some experience. She was friendly and has had this professor a few times. 

All in all it was an interesting and fun evening. I am looking forward to this class. 

Returning to College…..

Alright, so in a week from today I will return to college for the first time since 2007. I am a pretty laid back person who takes things as it comes along. That being said, I am a bit intimidated by my upcoming MicroEconomics class. I went to the orientation at OSUM this evening to check out the Student Center, have my BuckID made and check out the bookstore. I bought a study guide for English Grammar and MicroEconomics. Math is NOT my strong suite and I hope to the powers that be I can make it through that course. Holy Schnikes! I understand the jist of retail, mark ups, and such but the formulas, graphs and notations on that study sheet scares me! *insert scream here*






It will be ok! *fingers crossed*

A New Adventure Awaits

I have worked in an office for 17 and a half years now and honestly I am just done with the telecommunications business world. It has sucked the life away from me for the last 15 years. Before the “merger” of GTE and Bell Atlantic which created what the U.S now knows as Verizon Communications, things were good, decent, wholesome and the people cared about phone service and customer service.

Since that so-called merger in December of 2001 the telecommunications world has been twisted, tortured and squeezed into a all new sort of dinosaur. Just when I thought things wouldn’t get any worse with Verizon, they sold off the states my office handles to another “rural” phone company and things changed all over again. Along this road I have been traveling I have attempted college a number of times only to be stopped because of one reason or another, not usually of my fault or things beyond my control unfolded.

I have been looking for jobs in my area and in the surrounding area pretty much since the second company change happened, perhaps even before. The problem has been I’m tenured. I have wage needs based on my length of time worked. I do have experience both in telecommunication and in the corporate office world.

I decided I needed to do something to get out of the rut. I applied for and was accepted to The Ohio State University in my town (a subsidiary college campus in my town). Initially my intention was to take Spanish but majoring in Spanish requires classes at the main campus in Columbus. I am not able to swing that but I am still able to take Spanish classes so I decided to major in English, Literature. I have always loved writing and those who know me grow tired of me correcting their English. I do not claim to be perfect but it’s my nature, to correct when I hear words butchered. though my sole purpose is to become a writer.

While I was planning for and setting up my classes, a friend at work announced she was leaving. She gave me the information to the company she has started for and got me an interview. The only snag is the drive is a solid 45 minutes from me current location. The work appears to be solid, very busy, and very interesting. I will not be bored or want for keeping busy. I am very confident I will do well in my second interview on Wednesday. If all goes well I could be out of my dead end telecommunications job. My classes will be in the evenings and the job will be busy, especially in the winter but I can do it. I need the change, the challenge and the stability. I have worked though much worse change at my current job and survived so I know I can make this work. I am excited for the new experiences, relationships and environment. I have made some lasting and strong relationships in my my 17 years at the telecommunications job but I feel it is a good time to leave, on my terms and before it is too late.

I walk into the first class at OSUM Tuesday August 25th, Classical Civilization in Greece.