No one likes death. No one wants to talk about it. I think it’s a given. It’s even worse when it’s a child or a close friend or relative. 

When you work in a office building those lines become blurred, I guess. 

I got a call yesterday, much like the one about 12 years ago, from a co-worker, telling me about a death of a co-workers child in a 4-wheeler accident. Same type of accident, a child and a death. 

I am not insensitive to the person’s loss. It’s a horrible, tragic loss of life (that could have been prevented). I feel for her.  I know she will not handle it well (but who would really). She’s a very open, gushy-spill-your-guts sort of person [on Facebook and in person]. I just do not feel I needed to be called on my weekend to be told. It could have waited until Monday and been sent in an e-mail. I didn’t need to know details either. It really is not my business. 

This same sort of accident happened to another co-worker about 12 years ago and the same call was made then. Ironic or very odd to say the least. Both tragic but why do you start a office phone tree and tell people? 

Yes, I have no children, only a furr-baby. I am not someone who posts my entire history, personal details, “prayer” requests or things for attention getting on social media. 

I told my girlfriend, and co-worker, Kim how I felt. She understood, I think. I am not close to the lady at work. She’s a nice lady, with issues, and very much so a attention hog. 

I just don’t interact with everyone in the office in a personal way. I have my friends and then accquaintances. I keep to my self mostly and do my job. I’m always friendly to people and I get along well with them all for the most part. 

I just do not feel I needed to be told this news on my personal weekend time. What can I say or do with the information? Seriously, what? I would likely feel different if I was closer to her. I think I also feel awkward because it’s something that could have been avoided. Why would any parent allow their 8 year old child ride on a 4 wheeler? Helmet or not, obviously it’s dangerous and not a good idea. You hear about these accidents all the time and we have even had the same accident happen to another person in the office. *sigh*
EDIT: now it’s being invested. Looks like neglgance to me

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