Greece – Civilizations, The Mycenaeans

I wrote this short little essay for a quiz and thought it was thought provoking. 

Question: In the period around 1200 B.C.E in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region, what seems to have happened?
 Scholars are not really certain what truly happened during this time. The evidence however indicates great destruction began at the hands of foreign invaders. Some believe they were nomadic tribes from north and east of Anatolia and Syria. The Egyptians believed they were bands of marauders, men from the northern lands. They called them “peoples of the sea”. The Egyptians were also attacked around 1208 (and other times) though they survived the attacks.

 We do know one by one the great palaces were consumed by fires and they simply vanished by the end of the Twelfth century. In less than two generations most of the towns associated with the palaces were either abandoned or destroyed as well. There was no more order only turbulence. Most of the towns never recovered and were lost forever. Others were able to enjoy a brief resurgence only to be attacked once again. Athens is the only town that avoided destruction though severely depleted of its population. Troy was also a victim of this great destruction. Scholars commonly believe the Mycenaeans were a part of this band of attackers known as “the sea people”. There is no proof of this however. There is a possibility in my opinion, the Mycenaeans in charge of the ships for trade and protection turned on their people and attacked their own people for their own benefit with the other “sea people”.

 The people or what was then considered the Mycenaeans are thought to have dispersed to the four winds of the region and effectively what was once a grand civilization of Mycenaeans disappeared. Perhaps they migrated into other cultures throughout Europe since we do not have any further proof of those people ever existing outside of their original civilization.