Book Review: The Good, The Bad and Me: In My Anecdotage- Eli Wallach

This is a truly wonderful read. Eli has been a favorite actor of mine for years and has always completely fascinated me. Reading about his life, his era and the intertwining he had with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars was special. I wanted this book to continue and never end. I think Eli was a special person, actor and truly one of the last great actors of the golden era. This book was at times hard for me to put down and hard for me to read as well. It’s been a year since his passing and until recently I wasn’t able to even see his movies without tearing up. In many ways, this book, Eli’s life later in years, mirrors his role in “The Holiday”, staring Oscar winner, Kate Winslet. Eli played the character Arthur Abbott, a widowed, retired screen writer from the golden age of movies in Hollywood. This book in my opinion is similar to that character. Eli, always reminded me of my dad and things my dad has or would do, especially the character of Tuco. I’m glad I read it and I will enjoy reading it again and again. If you are looking for a window into Hollywood and Broadway’s past and you enjoy a good laugh you should read this book. You will not be disappointed. Thank You Eli for leaving the world a wonderful piece of your life with us to remember you by in your own words.¬†

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Review: Darcy’s Voyage

Darcy's VoyageDarcy’s Voyage by Kara Louise

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading this book was very enjoyable. So much so, I actually have read it twice more since the initial read in 2011. I was a late-comer to the Pride and Prejudice story, having not read it in high school. Of course, once I read it and was eager for more stories about Darcy and Elizabeth. I am very particular about the spin offs or continuations I read. Kara Louise does a superb job at taking the basic elements of the storyline and characters and shifting them to something else entirely yet keeping the core values and plot themes intact. She made it believable and very likable. Some spin offs change things too much or go overboard on things with extreme plot twists but Darcy’s Voyage manages things quite nicely. I will read this book over and over again just to experience the greatness of it. This is worth the read and you won’t be disappointed.

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Review: The Girl Who Came Home: A Titanic Novel

Anyone who knows me personally is very much aware I am a huge history buff. Titanic is just one of my historical shall we say, obsessions. I am always in the mood to read a Titanic related book. This is one of my favorites.


I really enjoyed this book. Anyone who is a history buff and likes Titanic will enjoy reading this book. The way it was written, with a few timelines and points of view was brilliant and refreshing! It really brings home the story of this tragic ship, passengers, crew members and families unlike anything I’ve read. It’s a very good tribute to all those lost on that horrific night, 100 years ago. The world has never forgotten.

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