No one likes death. No one wants to talk about it. I think it’s a given. It’s even worse when it’s a child or a close friend or relative. 

When you work in a office building those lines become blurred, I guess. 

I got a call yesterday, much like the one about 12 years ago, from a co-worker, telling me about a death of a co-workers child in a 4-wheeler accident. Same type of accident, a child and a death. 

I am not insensitive to the person’s loss. It’s a horrible, tragic loss of life (that could have been prevented). I feel for her.  I know she will not handle it well (but who would really). She’s a very open, gushy-spill-your-guts sort of person [on Facebook and in person]. I just do not feel I needed to be called on my weekend to be told. It could have waited until Monday and been sent in an e-mail. I didn’t need to know details either. It really is not my business. 

This same sort of accident happened to another co-worker about 12 years ago and the same call was made then. Ironic or very odd to say the least. Both tragic but why do you start a office phone tree and tell people? 

Yes, I have no children, only a furr-baby. I am not someone who posts my entire history, personal details, “prayer” requests or things for attention getting on social media. 

I told my girlfriend, and co-worker, Kim how I felt. She understood, I think. I am not close to the lady at work. She’s a nice lady, with issues, and very much so a attention hog. 

I just don’t interact with everyone in the office in a personal way. I have my friends and then accquaintances. I keep to my self mostly and do my job. I’m always friendly to people and I get along well with them all for the most part. 

I just do not feel I needed to be told this news on my personal weekend time. What can I say or do with the information? Seriously, what? I would likely feel different if I was closer to her. I think I also feel awkward because it’s something that could have been avoided. Why would any parent allow their 8 year old child ride on a 4 wheeler? Helmet or not, obviously it’s dangerous and not a good idea. You hear about these accidents all the time and we have even had the same accident happen to another person in the office. *sigh*
EDIT: now it’s being invested. Looks like neglgance to me

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Returning to College…..

Alright, so in a week from today I will return to college for the first time since 2007. I am a pretty laid back person who takes things as it comes along. That being said, I am a bit intimidated by my upcoming MicroEconomics class. I went to the orientation at OSUM this evening to check out the Student Center, have my BuckID made and check out the bookstore. I bought a study guide for English Grammar and MicroEconomics. Math is NOT my strong suite and I hope to the powers that be I can make it through that course. Holy Schnikes! I understand the jist of retail, mark ups, and such but the formulas, graphs and notations on that study sheet scares me! *insert scream here*






It will be ok! *fingers crossed*

Book Review – Mr. Knightly’s Diary – (Jane Austen’s Heroes #2)

Who doesn’t love Mr. Knightly? Anyone who has read Emma surely has fallen for Mr. Knightly, right?  I have read these books out of order but really there isn’t a sequence to read if you have already read the original books. As I’ve mentioned (in my previous post) I am very particular about my Austen spin off books and again Amanda’s books meet and exceed the mark. I love reading about what the male characters are thinking. It’s a refreshing new tale when told from a man’s point of view rather than a woman’s. Amanda has really captured the Austen sequels or what I like to call the “side reels” to the originals. All of these books are great reads and will have you wanting it to keep going and going.

Book Review – Captain Wentworth’s Diary (Jane Austen’s Heroes #3)

Like most people (women in particular mostly) you are familiar with Jane Austen’s books. She was a wonderful writer with a knack for telling relationship stories. Though she never had much success herself in love she knew a thing or two about writing perfect love stories hidden by every day lives. I think all Austen fans wish she would have expanded on the books with sequels. Perhaps she would have had she lived longer, who knows.

This is a very enjoyable book. I’ve often felt Jane did not quite develop or at least put into words more about Anne & Frederick. So, it was nice to read someone’s taken on the original characters. I am very particular about reading Austen “sequel” books. I read reviews and the synopsis’ very carefully. I have a high standard I suppose when it comes to spin off books. This one however meets and exceeds the mark, as do all of Amanda’s Austen related books. She does Jane’s story a great credit.

Book Review – The Hunger Games – Mockingjay – Book #3

This book had me on the edge if my seat and I was obsessed with Peeta. I literally could not put the book down until I knew he was ok or not . My heart broke for Peeta in this book!! This is a roller coaster ride like you can’t imagine! This twists and turns of the story at times angered me but I wanted justice and the end. You definelty feel the high emotion for everyone in the book. I love a great book that you can relate to the characters and crave to know more about them. I feel like there is more to be told at the end though. That’s my only beef with this book. I wanted more after story and more wrap up. I wanted more details about them all, especially Peeta and Katniss.

Book Review – The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Book #2

So this one I expected somethings and other things not so much. After the first book I had learned to like Haymitch and the respect grew a little after learning some additional details of his life and the meaning what it how he does things. The loyalness he shows and Peeta and Katniss’ ever growing storyline. Though he manipulated things for both Peeta and Katniss he didn’t it for the greater good. By the middle of the book was on board 100% with team Peeta. Though I felt bad for Gale. Something in me still wanted him to win her. The characters just jump out of the pages in this book. There’s loss, love, hurt but hope. Then the ending twist that leaves you hanging to he next book. WTH?? Really? But it helps the story.

Book Review – The Hunger Games Book #1

I was very weary of this series. It was probably the name and the implications with fighting for your life and for food. It could have been the over hype and such. As usual though I’m late to the parade and I wish I had read it sooner. Maybe I will learn.

I think by the 3rd chapter I was hooked. The deep and immediate connection between Katniss and Gale was pure and innocent in the basic life they lived in District 12. I was team Gale until midway through the games. I could always see something dark growing in Gale but still was sorta rooting for him and I was torn between he and Peeta by the end of the book.

The deep meaning and similarities to somethings in our own government really sticks out for me for the book. I guess the determination by both Katniss and Peeta throughout the games to rise above and to save each other really win me over.

Then you have the personal tragedies in the game and how it shapes Katniss sort of speaks volumes to me. If more people could learn from mistakes like she did and strives to help even in a what seems to be hopeless situation.

So, if your on the fence about starting the books as I was you won’t regret the read!