Good ThingsĀ 

I finished up my second week of classes as OSUM. I hope I did good or at leas passed the first quiz homework for Economics class. My midweek confusion was partly me over thinking. I am not good with numbers so I worry about passing the Econ class.

I received my good news about the job I have been interviewing for. I was offered the job as service coordinator, with a $2.14 per hour raise from my current per hour wage. I will pay more for insurance but the coverage is better, co pay cheaper, prescriptions both cheaper and better overall for the most part. It is the insurance I would have had had my current company not cheated us out of it. I will have a 45 minute drive to work but I will have the opportunity to work from home if the weather is bad this winter. I will have a friend and former co-worker for company. She’s the one who left work and got me in. 

My current supervisor has also applied for a job with this same company. He’s a great guy, smart and I would love to see him come with us to this new place. 

I am turning my two week notice in Friday, and will send out the e-mail to the team. Of course my closest friends already know. 

I am excited for my new adventure, glad for a challenge and a bit scared all rolled into one. I have a good support group surrounding me. 

Here’s to Friday.


First week of classes finished

I finished up my first week back in college at The Ohio State University (Marion Campus). The professor for my Greece Classics class is pretty “unique” but I like him. I remembered to take my MacBook today and I took notes on that (using Pages from Apple) rather than writing out everything. I bought myself a mini, portable mouse to use with it which was much better than the track pad I am used to. 

In class we spent some time going over topics we will discuss this semester and some other related (Greece wise) topics. He mentioned a website called which I found fascinating (I sound like Spock) because you can search for paintings and such. Anyway, he gave some examples and coherence references to the Greek and some origins such as The Milky Way and mythological aspects. There was also a search, by the professor, of He was talking about The movie Troy (Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and Bead Pitt). I enjoyed the Orlando. 

So, the first week is done and I am tired. I am going to read and work on my bills which need to be paid tomorrow. I still have not heard from the job I put in for and I am a bit discouraged. I guess I will survive either way.  


College begins, again

I returned to classes today. After parking I walked to Morrill Hall and started wandering around. I had time to spare before I went upstairs to my classroom. Eventually I walked up the stairs and found my room. 

There was another class finishing up when I arrived. The professor was hanging around with us too. He is not what I expected in my “mind’s eye”. According to the style he wrote the syllabus, I figured he was about 40-45, short hair, studious, yet smart. 

He could not have been any farther from that. He’s a large man, (tall and broad not heavy set) with a long beard. He’s friendly, a bit odd, but fun to be around. He does not believe in punishing students who can’t make a class. Everyone gets points regardless of attendance or  full participation. For example, if you only submit a quiz that is partially or even totally blank, you still get 40% of the grade. 

The class itself, Classical Greece Civilizations, is fascinating to me. I have always wanted to learn about Greece/Greek history. 

Each class we will write a little of something, feedback,comments or something related to our topic for the class discussion. We are awarded seven points for that. He reads the notes, responds with feedback and said it is a way to get to know us. I like that, it’s different. 

We will have a group project, something new he said. That should be interesting. I am not the oldest person in the class. There is a lady about moms age I the class as well. I did talk with a young lady, obviously younger than I but with some experience. She was friendly and has had this professor a few times. 

All in all it was an interesting and fun evening. I am looking forward to this class. 


No one likes death. No one wants to talk about it. I think it’s a given. It’s even worse when it’s a child or a close friend or relative. 

When you work in a office building those lines become blurred, I guess. 

I got a call yesterday, much like the one about 12 years ago, from a co-worker, telling me about a death of a co-workers child in a 4-wheeler accident. Same type of accident, a child and a death. 

I am not insensitive to the person’s loss. It’s a horrible, tragic loss of life (that could have been prevented). I feel for her.  I know she will not handle it well (but who would really). She’s a very open, gushy-spill-your-guts sort of person [on Facebook and in person]. I just do not feel I needed to be called on my weekend to be told. It could have waited until Monday and been sent in an e-mail. I didn’t need to know details either. It really is not my business. 

This same sort of accident happened to another co-worker about 12 years ago and the same call was made then. Ironic or very odd to say the least. Both tragic but why do you start a office phone tree and tell people? 

Yes, I have no children, only a furr-baby. I am not someone who posts my entire history, personal details, “prayer” requests or things for attention getting on social media. 

I told my girlfriend, and co-worker, Kim how I felt. She understood, I think. I am not close to the lady at work. She’s a nice lady, with issues, and very much so a attention hog. 

I just don’t interact with everyone in the office in a personal way. I have my friends and then accquaintances. I keep to my self mostly and do my job. I’m always friendly to people and I get along well with them all for the most part. 

I just do not feel I needed to be told this news on my personal weekend time. What can I say or do with the information? Seriously, what? I would likely feel different if I was closer to her. I think I also feel awkward because it’s something that could have been avoided. Why would any parent allow their 8 year old child ride on a 4 wheeler? Helmet or not, obviously it’s dangerous and not a good idea. You hear about these accidents all the time and we have even had the same accident happen to another person in the office. *sigh*
EDIT: now it’s being invested. Looks like neglgance to me

News story

Returning to College…..

Alright, so in a week from today I will return to college for the first time since 2007. I am a pretty laid back person who takes things as it comes along. That being said, I am a bit intimidated by my upcoming MicroEconomics class. I went to the orientation at OSUM this evening to check out the Student Center, have my BuckID made and check out the bookstore. I bought a study guide for English Grammar and MicroEconomics. Math is NOT my strong suite and I hope to the powers that be I can make it through that course. Holy Schnikes! I understand the jist of retail, mark ups, and such but the formulas, graphs and notations on that study sheet scares me! *insert scream here*






It will be ok! *fingers crossed*