I’m a crafty person. I enjoy many things. Where do I begin?

Well, I’m trying out being a travel agent. (anndawson.com – Anndawson Travel) I love traveling and I’ve done a lot of it!
I’ve been to the Caribbean – Mexico, Caymen Islands, Jamaica, Haiti -, Europe – Spain (2),  Ireland. In addition I’ve traveled all over America. Some of my favorite places to visit is Cincinnati, Nashville and Sedona/Flagstaff.


I work for a telecommunications company but feel a bit trapped there. I love to scrapbook my travels and also make some basic jewelry. In addition to crafty things I am an avid Baseball fan. Traveling to Cincinnati for a  Reds game is one of my favorite trips to make each year. I take my Westie as many places as I can. She’s a joy to be around and loves her adventures with me.


I love to write though I don’t think I am very good at it. Though, I try and I have been better, lately that is, about attempting it and need to get more confident with it.


I also love TV, movies and music. I’m pretty eclectic in my tastes.


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