College Update

Well, I ended up dropping the Economy class. Monday’s class was the last straw. She came strolling in about 7:40 herself (class starts at 7:45) and then had the nerve to make a snide comment that there better be more students coming to this class to warrant her driving all the way from Columbus. Really? She’s getting paid to be a professor. She’s SUPPOSED to be TEACHING an economics class but instead she’s making snide comments, giving study guides for us to study yet putting the answers on the board using a totally different formula and stated oh well it will get the same result/answer. WHAT? You give us one formula to study but expect us to retain/remember it when you do it differently on the board? She won’t allow us to use any notes during tests. She literally stated everyone would fail if one person had notes out. She thinks we should memorize all the terms, formulas and process after 1 session. She assumes we all know “basic” math formulas, terms and other things. The last I knew, this was a freshman class for Economy not rocket science. I felt like everything I had comprehended with the tutor was thrown out the window once she starts “teaching”. She’s not consistent in teaching and has no curve. Even if you have part of the answer she gave you no points.
So, I dropped the class. I still pay for it of course but I won’t have my gpa drop when I would have eventually failed it (big time). I feel as though a great weight has been lifted from me. I worked my tail off for that class and have nothing to show because of the poor “teaching”. I told my advisor but she did not seem surprised or willing to take it upwards.

Oh well. I’m free of the class and that infuriating woman.

My other class, Classic Greece Civilizations is great. However, I’m interested in that, and it has more to do with my major (English) than Econ. But, that professor is fun and has more knowledge on teaching than she or most. I spent a leisurely evening at home rather than being confused in that Econ class.


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