Good Things 

I finished up my second week of classes as OSUM. I hope I did good or at leas passed the first quiz homework for Economics class. My midweek confusion was partly me over thinking. I am not good with numbers so I worry about passing the Econ class.

I received my good news about the job I have been interviewing for. I was offered the job as service coordinator, with a $2.14 per hour raise from my current per hour wage. I will pay more for insurance but the coverage is better, co pay cheaper, prescriptions both cheaper and better overall for the most part. It is the insurance I would have had had my current company not cheated us out of it. I will have a 45 minute drive to work but I will have the opportunity to work from home if the weather is bad this winter. I will have a friend and former co-worker for company. She’s the one who left work and got me in. 

My current supervisor has also applied for a job with this same company. He’s a great guy, smart and I would love to see him come with us to this new place. 

I am turning my two week notice in Friday, and will send out the e-mail to the team. Of course my closest friends already know. 

I am excited for my new adventure, glad for a challenge and a bit scared all rolled into one. I have a good support group surrounding me. 

Here’s to Friday.


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