First week of classes finished

I finished up my first week back in college at The Ohio State University (Marion Campus). The professor for my Greece Classics class is pretty “unique” but I like him. I remembered to take my MacBook today and I took notes on that (using Pages from Apple) rather than writing out everything. I bought myself a mini, portable mouse to use with it which was much better than the track pad I am used to. 

In class we spent some time going over topics we will discuss this semester and some other related (Greece wise) topics. He mentioned a website called which I found fascinating (I sound like Spock) because you can search for paintings and such. Anyway, he gave some examples and coherence references to the Greek and some origins such as The Milky Way and mythological aspects. There was also a search, by the professor, of He was talking about The movie Troy (Orlando Bloom, Eric Bana, and Bead Pitt). I enjoyed the Orlando. 

So, the first week is done and I am tired. I am going to read and work on my bills which need to be paid tomorrow. I still have not heard from the job I put in for and I am a bit discouraged. I guess I will survive either way.  



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