Book Review – The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – Book #2

So this one I expected somethings and other things not so much. After the first book I had learned to like Haymitch and the respect grew a little after learning some additional details of his life and the meaning what it how he does things. The loyalness he shows and Peeta and Katniss’ ever growing storyline. Though he manipulated things for both Peeta and Katniss he didn’t it for the greater good. By the middle of the book was on board 100% with team Peeta. Though I felt bad for Gale. Something in me still wanted him to win her. The characters just jump out of the pages in this book. There’s loss, love, hurt but hope. Then the ending twist that leaves you hanging to he next book. WTH?? Really? But it helps the story.

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