Book Review – The Hunger Games Book #1

I was very weary of this series. It was probably the name and the implications with fighting for your life and for food. It could have been the over hype and such. As usual though I’m late to the parade and I wish I had read it sooner. Maybe I will learn.

I think by the 3rd chapter I was hooked. The deep and immediate connection between Katniss and Gale was pure and innocent in the basic life they lived in District 12. I was team Gale until midway through the games. I could always see something dark growing in Gale but still was sorta rooting for him and I was torn between he and Peeta by the end of the book.

The deep meaning and similarities to somethings in our own government really sticks out for me for the book. I guess the determination by both Katniss and Peeta throughout the games to rise above and to save each other really win me over.

Then you have the personal tragedies in the game and how it shapes Katniss sort of speaks volumes to me. If more people could learn from mistakes like she did and strives to help even in a what seems to be hopeless situation.

So, if your on the fence about starting the books as I was you won’t regret the read!

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