When Did One’s Opinion Make You A Hater?

So, I start this post quite annoyed. I haven’t posted much and not had too much to say nor the time to write but this topic has ticked me off enough to write about it.

I am not a huge fan of the current society’s so called “media”. I generally do not watch news, read about it online or in a newspaper. I see enough indirectly and I choose not to be brought down by the constant negativity in world. I do not like celebrity gossip and I most certainly do not like (or condone) the paparazzi’s. I like some celebrities but I do not need to know what they are doing in their own PRIVATE LIVES, unless THEY choose to share it themselves. I don’t care who’s gay, who’s not, who’s bi or who’s sleeping with who. I have enough drama in my own life. People, actors, musicians, entertainers whomever, can do whatever they like. Why do I need to know their business?

I like who I like and I don’t really go around pushing my opinions or favorites on others. If need be, I will comment on something and say I don’t care for this or that or that I wouldn’t see this movie or buy this album. I do not however go in and say I hate them or bad mouth them in some other slanderous way. I am a realist and that often is confused as being negative though it absolutely is not. It can be true, of some I suppose. But it doesn’t and should not be automatically assumed a realist is negative. Stereotypes aren’t just about race or religion. Assume, ass of you and me.

The fact that media personnel breaks the cardinal number one rule of not getting involved in stories just burns my haystack. They may or may not report on the actual facts. They twist it to make a name for themselves. How has it become accepted and even expected that our media outlets are allowed to conduct themselves in this manner?

Alongside this, and the point of my rant is related to that topic. Opinions. These are statements, comments or rants even, that are purely the thoughts of an individual. One’s opinions is based upon that person’s likes, dislikes, personal experiences. One’s opinion can be based on facts or they cannot. Sometimes an opinion is one way or another because there is just something about that person, place or thing that the person doesn’t like or doesn’t like what it stands for. We are all entitled to our opinions, right or wrong and under the Constitution (or is it actually in The Bill of Rights… never can remember that.. lol) of The United States of America we are entitled to Freedom of Speech. We do not have the right to slander another person and defame them.

These are our rights, though in the eyes of the media, Facebook, twitter or wherever else people who share their opinions on people, places and things are often considered “haters”. I am quite unfamiliar with this and it ticks me off.

So, in the eyes of some people on social media, reporters or just common people, if you do not like a person, place or thing and you make an innocent comment, not even stating mind you, that you disliked the person, place or thing, but make a simple comment about what is likely to happen due to past history relating to the topic, you are considered a “hater”.

Really? Really? REALLY?

That being said, in the comments and discussion, the TRUE haters show their colors and start bashing those people who they now consider the “hater”. They resort to name calling, defending the topic and trying to convince people – themselves perhaps? – that this topic is special and is being unfairly judged. But those people are now being rude and downright mean to someone who made an innocent comment about a topic that was SPOT ON, based on the behavior of previous situations and in no way stated they hated or disliked the topic of discussion.

This person, who makes the comment is now banned or “defriended” and continues to be bashed by people who claim to be good people. They are so hypocritical that they don’t even grasp the fact that they are the haters and are seriously throwing a fit over a simple innocent comment. I am just amazed at the utter stupidity of people in this world. Is there no limit to the strangeness of society?

Nothing is done to them and they were allowed to go on name calling and acting like pre-school children fighting over a crayon.

I ran across a situation like this today (though indirectly through a person I know).

A story about Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga’s wedding was posted. The comment by the local media person was something to the effect of “I wonder if she will sing at her own wedding or if they will have someone else sing?”

The person I know, made the comment, “I don’t know, maybe she will wear a banana suit”.

I do not find anything in that simple statement to be bashing Lady Gaga or even out of the way considering she once arrived at an awards show in a bloody freaking egg (not to mention may other strange outfits and behavior). So, why then was this comment then immediately turned into a “haters” comment?

The person then, after being trashed, ridiculed and accused of being a hater, was promptly defriended by the media person. Subsequent personal messages were sent and the person asked why was it ok for her to be bashed yet those same people called her the hater. It was all smoothed over and apologies written despite the bashing still going on even after she was readded by the media person. That question was never answered. The media person said they won’t allow haters on his page. I get that to a certain point but really, that’s taking away conversation and FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It would have been different if the person commented something blatantly gross, or slanderous in response to the story but it was not like that at all. I wouldn’t have apologized had it been me. I would likely unfriended and banned them to be quite honest. I don’t give a flying monkey about this couple/topic. My problem is that it was wrong to make the comment about a banana suit but perfectly ok to ridicule the person for making the comment in first place? This is just jacked the F up.

It seems to me that people get their f’ing panties in a wad over the most stupidest things. I mean seriously, you unfriend someone because they don’t share the same opinion you do or make a funny comment on a story you post and suddenly they are a “hater”? I think that person or people who blew this WAYYYYYY out of proportion should take a serious look at their own lives and sort out their priorities. Do they truly have nothing better to do than to sit at their computers all day, on Facebook and stalk media posts and get offended by someone else’s innocent (and funny) comment about a performer? Really? In the long run who the hell cares what Lady Gaga does or doesn’t do. Was that “entertainer” that important that you wasted time and effort on defending them against a comment about them wearing a banana suit to their wedding? These people seriously don’t understand or see that they are the “haters” and that they caused an un-necessary controversy? They even ridiculed this person for them saying all this controversy made the person “ill”. They had the nerve to say that person was crazy if this made them ill. OMFG? REALLY? Read English much? Skimmers. People skim and don’t actually read the comment and then think it means something it actually doesn’t. Haha, that goes along with the “so-called” tone of an e-mail. BS. Buffalo Shit. LMAO (inside joke)

OMG PEOPLE!! We have people in the world with no job. food, clothes, money or a decent place to sleep. We have terrorist who want bomb us, we have a country who want to test necucular bombs, animals are being slaughtered for their fur, tusks and god knows what else and those people are worried about defending an overrated, odd “entertainer” and accusing people of being “haters”. OMFG GROW THE HELL UP!!!!!!!

Mankind is doomed. I weep for the children and our future. These same people, the true “haters”, are most likely the same people who allow their children to bully kids in school and allow their children to wander the streets all hours of the day and night then wonder why their child ends up in Juvenile Detention and murderers, thieves and bad people.

CRAZY just Crazy!!

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