Challenge Overkill

Freedom of speech, the last I knew, was still part of the American Constitution. But I will still (and have been) get flak for my opinion on this issue. I have mostly kept my mouth shut for literally MONTHS. But now it’s gotten to be nauseating. At first it was like, “what is this? Oh I will watch.” And then to, “OMG that’s the 20th video I’ve seen in 5 minutes! Make it stop!”

I am NOT saying that I do not acknowledge the need for charities, fund raisers, telethons , support and overall awareness for ailments, diseases and cures for them. People are so narrow minded when it comes right down to it. They think or believe that just because a person, like myself, who doesn’t blatantly go along with the challenge or “crowd” and follow the leader that we don’t support or understand the reasons behind something.

I’m not dumb, nieve or un-informed.

If I want to think and believe this ice bucket challenge thing is STUPID & and get annoyed by the ENDLESS parade and seemingly never ending posts by friends, colleagues, celebrities and everyone in between, posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and god knows where else) then I guess that’s MY RIGHT.

I’m not a bad person. I’d just like to have the days back where I don’t see 40 videos in 10 minutes with someone pouring ice/water over their heads.

Post website links for donating, place banners, billboards, whatever but TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING is bad. Yes, even water.

I actively support a number of charities for diseases, animals and beyond.

I get that there’s a point to it. I get that it’s supposed to mimic the symptoms.

I am TRULY sorry for any person, young or old that has to deal with any disease, myself included with Fibromyalgia and other ailments.

However, there other ways to donate, support and get involved. No, I’m not “worried” or “scared” of ice and ice water. Some people have a low tolerance (or even allergic) to the cold. I know of at least two people in my everyday life who suffer from the effects of the cold (not including myself).

It’s my right as an American to CHOOSE not to do something I don’t want to. Even if I wasn’t an American, it would be my right whether legal or not. I’m not going to force someone to smoke who doesn’t smoke. It’s the same principal. (No, I’m not a smoker either)

I am SIMPLY tired of seeing these damn things everywhere. I can’t go anywhere, not even to work, to escape then non-stop taking about or actually seeing it. I for one will be damned glad when it stops. For heaven sakes just have a telethon. Something, anything! Just move on from this and get a new avenue. I’m sorry the guy who came up with it died. Truly but it’s time to move on now.

I shouldn’t have to justify my thoughts and opinion of it without being judged or looked down upon because I don’t want to see it anymore.

People just don’t like because I’m not on the “bandwagon”. Anyone who TRULY knows me, the real me, knows I’m not a bandwagon sort of person. I do things for reasons. My reasons. I don’t like attention. I don’t like the be the center of attention but I don’t follow others into things just because everyone is doing it. I’m strong willed and do what I want (well, when possible). I spent too much time in my life trying to please others, watching others trying to please others. I like structure, I do things honest and do the best I can in EVERYTHING.

I often tell people to take my word for face value and if I say I will do something I will do it, and I will do it because I care and because I WANT to do it. Otherwise, I will never say I would do it.

So, in short here at the end of my rant, if challenged would I do it? HELL NO. And not because I’m tired of seeing it. But because I don’t want to. Hell, I’d pay whatever the bet or money amount is just to make it stop. I don’t like being “forced” to give money to anything just because it’s good and supportive. Charity starts at home and then spreads out from there. These sorts if stunts actually make me not want to give and support things because it just overwhelms and pisses me off. But I guess that’s my opinion and it won’t be changed.

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