Old School (sort of) Video Games

For the last two days I’ve been playing my old (well not that old) Nintendo DS  Lite (the version right before the XL came out, 2009/10?)  I had lost the cord and finally found it, so I was able to charge it and play.  I had forgotten all the games I had! I started playing where I had left off on my Pokemon game. Pokemon Pearl.

Compared to today’s games it’s “remedial” but such a great game. Fun and I’ve already found more pokemon’s than I ever remember before.

I also played my A World of Kelfings game on my Xbox 360 (free game I’ve had a while) It’s so addicting!! OMG

I made myself stop playing that and decided to play my Harry Potter Lego (Years 5-7). That is also addicting. I don’t get a lot of time usually to play a lot of video games anymore so it was really fun playing these games the last few days. I really do love them.  I have been so detached from them though. 😦 More later. Just a little old school game talk.

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