The Love of a dog

Almost every day my dog amazes me. She’s really intelligent. A friend of mine called her my “human dog” once. She didn’t know how right that statement is. Is my dog spoiled? Sure, a bit. But I think animals deserve to be spoiled. They depend on humans to love, support, feed, and bathe them. Their barking is like us talking. They have to communicate and show us what they want the best way they can. They cannot do things on their own like a baby or child can – eventually-.  Why not spoil them and give them the best possible life they can have?

I saw a video earlier this week about a goat who refused to eat for 6 days because he lost his friend, a donkey. It still amazes me that people think that animals are dumb creatures with no feelings. They leave them in hot cars, beat them, torture them and abandon them. The love of a dog (or other animal) is a wonderful thing. They love you unconditionally and are your forever companion.

Just this morning, my dog was a bit freaked out because of the blasts going on near a old army depot. She came to me and curled up and was completely content on snoozing. A bit later I got up and told her, “come on Sugar, I need to get up, we will come back later and snuggle.” She jumped up, stretched and we did our morning routine. After breakfast, I sat back on the bed and she came back up to me, settled down and snuggled up to me. You can’t tell me or make me believe dogs (or other animals) don’t understand us [to a point]. She was content for a bit but then got up and did her “independent” thing. As soon as another “boom” went off she was scared and shaking.

My dog watches tv and pays attention to things. If an animal comes on the screen she is up and barking trying to get them. She knows the difference between humans and animals. She pays no attention to the humans but you put a bull, a horse, another dog or a cat on there and she definitely notices them. It’s not the movement like some people claim. Otherwise she would bark at the people. It’s a pretty funny thing to watch actually.



Sugar hanging out with me

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