I have always had a love of the earth and flowers. I find happiness in gardening. Though I’ve done it every year for as long as I can remember I feel better about it this year. I have been weeding my sun flowers and daisies. I bought my mom roses for Mother’s Day and I’ve been keeping up on those too. I would like to have a big vegetable garden sometime too. I like the feel of the dirt on my hands but usually I wear gloves for better grip weeding, that and I get dirt stuck under my nails. It’s not easy to clean (laughs). I’m not prissy, I don’t mind getting dirty, I just don’t like that dirt irritating my nails.

From the looks of it my sunflowers will be a good crop this year. I planted a wide variety of them also. I wanted most for summer and some for fall. I still have some to plant so I may plant the rest of them tomorrow.

My daisies also appear to be doing well. I hope my cosmos do well too. I just transplanted them today to the ground from a pot. I also planted, in pots, Spanish Flags, moon flowers (which I plan to hang outside my bedroom window!) and tomatoes and red peppers. I think tomorrow I will replant my basil. The egg shell ones I planted aren’t sprouting yet. My oregano is abundant and will yield a lot from the looks of it. The cilantro I planted is weepy and I’m not sure it’s going to make it.

I’m eager to keep up my gardening. Why can’t i do that full time with some
Writing on the side. (sigh)

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