Memorial Day 2014

I spoke to my mom this past weekend about my great uncles involvements in the military. My grandfather Lawrence missed the cut off and was under the protection of a family so he didn’t serve. His brothers, Donald, Harold and Clifford all served. Clifford was MIA for quite sometime and was feared dead. He was imprisoned in a Japanese camp and lost a arm to their barbaric medical treatment at the time. The others did return mostly unhurt. My mom ways talks about Clifford’s drastic change after he came home. He was not them same carefree and loving person he was before the war. She spoke of the day they got word of him being MIA. It was very emotional for them all. He got better as time went by one he returned but was never the same. I remember him a little growing up. I was a bit intimidated by his injury. But I always liked him and he was always nice to me. I have often wondered what happened to the Japanese sword (he brought back with him) and his Purple Heart he received. His wife is gone and we don’t often see his son or family.

All of the brothers (my great uncles and the sisters, total 13) are gone now, my grandfather has been gone 20 years now himself. I. We were closest to him and to this day it’s hard not to think of him.

My uncle Dan, had not been up to see his dad’s grave since his mom (Grandma Helen) died in 2011 and this weekend was the first time since then. We ended up meeting him, his wife and one daughter up to the grave yard today. We were going up anyways so it was nice to see them and we helped plant flowers at their grave as well as some other family members graves too.

The importance of family is often overlooked theses days.

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