May Ipsy Bag

Green and off white bag with leaves on it.

  1. Hang Ten Classic Sport 50 SPF sunscreen (trial)
  2. Boo-Boo Coverup Concealer (trial)
  3. Eau Thermale Avéne – Soothing, softening (slightly larger – trial)
  4. Pacifica eyeshadow due [natural beauty] (trial)
  5. Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil [Organic Sesame & Lemon Grass Balancing Oil]

My favorite of the group is the no frizz oil. That stuff is great! I tamed my hair like you would not believe and QUICK too.
The cover up worked real well (tested on my burn scar on my arm and it hid it pretty well). The soothing spray/Eau was refreshing and indeed cool. There is little or no fragrance and it felt great on a warm(er) day. The other two I’ve not tried as of yet but this weekend I will give them a go.

My mom gets a bag too and she got a lip balm from Olive Natural Beauty. The only other time I’ve had olive oil based products was from last year in Spain. Being an Ipsy member gets you discounts of course on purchases. The coupon was $5 off. So, I went and bough a five count case of it, since I didn’t get one myself. It was $25, but after the discount and shipping it was still only $22.00.


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