Wolf of Wall Street

First, I’m a Leonardo fan. That’s out of the way. Now, with all seriousness I begin a “rant” of sorts.

To be fair, I have NOT seen Dallas Buyers Club, starring Matthew McConaughey. However, it’s not likely I would ever willingly watch that movie. It is just not my cup of tea. I’m sure it’s got a good message and is no doubt well acted.  I watch movies and TV Shows to be entertained and to insight thinking or wonderment. 

I recently watched Wolf of Wall Street and I was blown away. Who knew Leo could be so funny? Traditionally, Leonardo is known for his dramatic roles. I have liked all of them, even if I wasn’t fond of the plot or nature of the movie. He truly can play just about any role and make it truly unique and inspiring. 

After watching this movie I was just amazed that he did not win that Oscar. I was MAD at the time, of course but now? I’m irritated again. How could he not have won? What more does this man need to do? He’s done period pieces, [such as Django Unchained, Titanic (of course) and Gangs of New York] thrillers [Shutter Island, Inception, The Departed], and so many more genres and great, great movies.

Kate was told a few years back that if she did a Holocost/Jewish movie she’d win an Oscar. Maybe Leo needs to do that. It should not be so difficult for such a talented actor to get the award he deserves. Sad. Just sad. 😦

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