Live and Let Live

I have absolutely no problem with any LGBT person. I have a dear friend who is part of the LGBT community and I respect her a lot. Why should I or anyone else have any issues really? A persons choice in partners is completely irrelevant. I don’t need to or want to know about people’s private lives, including celebrities. I do not feel I’m entitled to know their business just because they are famous. If they choose to share, fine but I’m not one to seek out information about them. I don’t announce to people I’m straight so why does society feel that LGBT’s need to officially announce it?

Just because I’m straight doesn’t mean I’m prejudice. Some people think that’s true though. One’s personality makes the person who they are. It makes no difference what color, race, religion, sexual preference you are. Anyone can commit a crime. Anyone can be a good person. We are all individuals who have will power. What do our sexual preferences, race, color or our reglious beliefs have to do with anything at all?

Live and Let Live.
An idiom expressing the ideal of allowing each other to live their lives as each sees fit.

The reason I was thinking of this was due to Lance Bass, a former ‘N Sync member is getting married to his partner, Michael Turchin later this year. (See link about story)

Lance is pretty amazing. Of course, I don’t know him personally. I’m just a fan of ‘N Sync from back in the 90’s.

He loves to share his life with fans. He’s open and enjoys the interaction. He’s silly, fun loving, musically talented both verbally and producing and he’s quite the little trickster (lives to scare Michael and post videos on his Instagram account)

I just realized, I need to read his autobiography. Anyhoo…

I think it’s wonderful how he approaches life. That being said, I don’t care who he’s marrying (male or female I mean). He’s happy. Doesn’t everyone in the world deserve to be happy? I wish the media would stop blowing up stories about LGBT’s.

I think Josh Hutcherson said it best:

I’m so tired of the words “Gay” and “Lesibian”. They’re just people… One day I want my son to come home from school and be like, “I found this guy, and I love him.” And I’m gonna be like , “Yes, you do, and that’s ok.” – Josh Hutcherson

2012 Glaad Awards

‘N Sync and Lance’s wedding:
‘N Sync members invited to Lance Bass’ Wedding

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