Spring things

Spring Things are all around with the promise of new hope and summer dreams

A soft blowing breeze in early Spring

sweet, fragrant smell of lilacs floating all around

sun rays shining through the puffy clouds overhead

deep breaths of fresh mild air after a long winter’s chill

blue skies mix with thin wispy clouds form a serene picture of a early Spring day

lawnmowers roaring to life and buzz in the distance

dogs bark and chase vermin in their backyards

the feel of cool grass between your toes

planting flowers with no gloves so you can feel the earth on your hands as you plant new life in the soil

grey clouds overtake puffy one and the rumble of thunder in the distance

rain drops begin to fall slowly with a plop here and there on a gutter pipe

a steady, soft rain as background noise on a Spring afternoon 

napping in a chair on the front porch while your book lies half-hazardly across your stomach


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