Book Review: Silver Linings – Kate James

Kate James

Silver Linings

I really enjoyed this book. The author herself, Kate James suggested it to me on twitter and I was glad to read. One of the things I liked best about this book was the imagery she created. It was as though she herself was painting a picture of the story unfolding. The real life emotions, words and experiences she told about throughout the story was fantastic. The title is well deserving too. From the bad to the uplifted, back to a slump and the twists and turns. Yes, I very much enjoyed the story and messages. It has Bittersweet Silver Linings, as life has sometimes. It is good to read good stories like this. 

[ I would have liked to have read about how Nigel got what was coming to him for his behavior. I thought for sure he would have had more involvement than he did. However, I’m glad he didn’t other that seeing what became of him. ]

I always enjoy a good book and if you like good books you should not pass this book up!

You can find this title on and iTunes

Kate is an up-and-coming author with a bright future in my modest opinion.

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